of a Bespoke STationery concept

For Daniela and Marc, it was important to highlight the quiet beauty of Blue Ridge Mountain forests that surround their venue, Hotel Domestique. Sam created several custom illustrations of native flora and fauna that we repeated throughout the couple's designs, like this crabapple branch and flying honeybee. 

To make the invitations feel warm and inviting, we layered soft textures. The invitation was wrapped in a suede fabric engraved with illustrations and the wedding date, and then tied with a thin velvet ribbon.

Daniela and Marc love to enjoy nature as much as possible, and many of their early dates involved long quiet hikes. To literally infuse nature into their invitations, we chose a handmade paper made with real dried flower petals. To make the card feel more finished, we mounted it on a heavy cardstock. 

We included many nature-inspired details in the wedding weekend details to continue this meaningful theme from the invitation to the wedding day. We filled these tiny specimen bottles with real pieces of nature from the surrounding forests: dried mushrooms, honeycomb, mosses, feathers, and other treasures, Then, we labeled the bottles with guests names and used them as escort cards that doubled as special guest favors. 

Since most of the guests were visiting from elsewhere, the couple planned several events for the weekend, including a forest hike. This details booklet included a full itinerary of all the events so that guests would know to book accommodations with a few days to enjoy the destination. 

This one-of-a-kind handmade paperweight - a clear resin piece filled with an arrangement of dried plants and mushrooms, was actually a part of the invitation. It sat atop the wrapped invitation, and the whole suite was shipped in a box and wrapped in custom-printed tissue paper in order to safely mail this special piece.