Here's how.

We create unforgettable stationery.



Before we put calligraphy pen to paper, we create the entire concept of the event's stationery and branding. This is where the magic happens. We imagine thoughtful details that we can weave throughout the event to make guests feel welcome and delighted at every turn. We consider textures, colors, and the meaning behind every design decision so that each piece will fit together to create an immersive and cohesive experience. Together, we will discuss and fine-tune this concept until it perfectly reflects who you are. 


Creative Concept

Collaboration begets good design. For each of the pieces that involve graphic design, we will lead you through a series of drafts and mockups and welcome your feedback to ensure every single tiny detail of the design gets it just right.





Finally, we handcraft every single piece of your event. We print, fold, stitch, tie, stuff, and calligraph each element with an artful attention to detail. 

First, we gather inspiration. We consult with you or your wedding planner to learn all the meaningful details about your lives and your relationship. Then we immerse ourselves in our own research to understand whatever it is that inspires you, whether that is French architecture or the 1990s Chicago Bulls.

"The whole process felt inspired, warm, flexible, and professional - Sam's genuine energy, clear and prompt communication, and incredible talent made for a fantastic working relationship."

"Throughout the entire process, she wasn’t just concerned with making something that was generically beautiful — she made it so person-specific that, along with being drop dead gorgeous, it couldn’t possibly belong to anyone besides my husband and me."

"Working with Sam was a collaborative dream; she actively listened and treated our vision with enthusiasm and openness, helped us clarify our aesthetic, and helped us manifest our wedding fantasy."