of a Bespoke STationery concept

We sought to capture the romance of Brandon and Daisy's Renaissance Faire proposal. We surprised their guests at their seats with a scrolled menu inspired by 16th-century Europe, tied with royal purple tassel and a hand-calligraphed name card. 

For Brandon and Daisy, fighting for social justice is the cause that fires them up. The vintage stamps that we chose nod to the colors and motifs reflected throughout their designs, but they also show the faces of activists like Jane Addams and James Baldwin.

Every single hand-illustrated element of Brandon and Daisy's coat of arms represent the two partners and their union. Sam researched the age-old art of traditional European heraldry to choose motifs that carry the symbolic weight of centuries past.

This Japan-loving couple is inspired by the cherry blossom: the flower blooms for only two weeks, a reminder that the beauty of human life is fleeting, too. We incorporated cherry blossoms in the couple's coat of arms and chose a cherry blossom stamp for the foil-stamped reply envelope.

The couple wanted to go the extra mile to make their guests feel wholly welcome and loved for at every opportunity. We set this mood on the reply card by printing each individual guest's name instead of leaving a line for the guests to fill out.

When Brandon and Daisy imagined their guests opening their mailboxes, they wanted to invoke a magical feeling of discovery, like finding a packet of old treasured letters and clues in an antique chest. For the wrap, we chose a soft crinkly paper and illustrated a pirate-inspired map of the wedding city, complete with a "legend" that details the weekend's events.

To add an old-world texture, we incorporated elements of deckled-edge handmade paper throughout the event, adorned with a tight and formal calligraphy style. For the main invitation, we added a few hand-painted silver specks for just one more extra dash of magic.

These double-layered escort cards threaded with jewel-toned velvet ribbons were just one of the many carefully-designed details that guests found at every corner of the wedding ceremony and reception. We used cotton fabric, wood, velvet, paper, metal, wax and ink to create banners, signs, ceremony programs, menus and more.