of a Bespoke STationery concept

Sarah and Mark hoped to share their love of the cosmos with their guests, so we printed a foil-stamped card printed with a meaningful quote, "The stars don't look bigger, but they look brighter." We think that Sally Ride's description of her experience in space is also an apt metaphor for what it's like to fall in love. 

Early in their relationship, the couple bonded over their mutual love of reading classic literature. For the invitation and these place cards, we sourced weathered blank pages from old books to help tell this small part of their story. 

To set the mood for their tasteful celestial-inspired wedding celebration, we printed the black envelopes with gold foil in a galaxy pattern and then wrote each guest's name in a romantic calligraphy in matching gold ink. 

As a further nod to Sarah and Mark's love of history and the vastness of the universe, we chose vintage stamps that were printed in past decades to commemorate space exploration and accomplished astronomers. 

The best designs include multiple layered textures, because they provide guests with a multi-sensory experience as they unwrap the suite. A handmade velvet ribbon in midnight blue added a soft texture and a layer of color to this suite. 

To add a romantic old-world feel, we chose handmade black paper with natural deckled edges as well as gold wax seals with astrological imagery. 

Another nod to their love of literature, the main invitation was designed to resemble the title page of a classic book. A subtle "constellation" of ink drops across the text tied the design to the starry envelopes.