of a Bespoke STationery concept

In addition to printed guest addresses on the navy outer envelopes, we opted for an inner envelope with the guest names written in calligraphy. Since inner envelopes do not need to be sealed, the patterned envelope liner can be preserved even as guests tear the invitation open. 

Hillary's lifelong favorite flower is the anemone, so I created a line illustration to include on the tone-on-tone reply envelope and reply card, an echo of the colorful floral illustrations in the other parts of the suite.  

Hillary and Rick's entire wedding was inspired by their love of art and their favorite flowers. I drew custom illustrations of each of the flowers in their bouquets and created a repeating pattern with all of those colorful blooms.


This couple met at a rowdy downtown bar (don't tell their grandparents!) and chose a modern art museum as their venue, so they weren't afraid to be bold and have fun with their stationery. When I first met with Hillary, she told me she envisioned wedding invitations that were "super classy, but with a twist!" - just like the couple. I kept the front of each card feeling traditional, but the backs and the inner envelope liner were bursting with personality and color. 

Hilary and Rick wanted their stationery to express their respect for classic design alongside their playful personalities. We tied the whole suite together in a romantic but bold ribbon, a nod to tradition in an almost irreverently bright color.